vCISO - ExecutiveTop-Down Security and Compliance Strategy-  We support the design and implementation of a full security program from the top down. Strategy, down to tactics.  Other companies offer one time security scans/ assessments, and one time security “fixes”. You also need someone who understands security as a driver, and can help focus on the bottom line with security investments that are likely to generate a return, rather than sunken costs, that are simply more money, without more protections, or worse yet introduces more security gaps/ flaws, and ends up costing more money. We do not have ties to the large vendors, so we do not sell you the latest gadget. We work from a vendor neutral “You-Centric” approach. With our VCISO program, you can eliminate the need to pay into 401 k, health insurance, sick leave, and more.  

At the Office

Compliance as a Service (CaaS) - CONTINUED compliance with evidence, and a dedicated security point of contact. Most other companies offer one time scans, one time compliance, which is not truly compliance. Because even if you are compliant on day one, hardware or software updates, or compliance/ regulatory landscape changes,mean your compliance requirements change. Pur Solutions are Semi-Automated, and you also get a dedication technician to work with you, as your compliance officer. 

Meet The UNITI Cyber Consulting Team

Our Team is composed of cybersecurity, intelligence and business leaders, recognized worldwide, from the tech, finance, healthcare and other industries. Let's get them started on bringing your security and compliance to the next level. 

James Williams

I help SMBs Solidify Security and Compliance | Cyber Security World Leader  | Content Creator | Entrepreneur | CEO

Daniel Perkins

SME | Technician | COO

Diamond Johnson

Global Business Development | CBO


A Worldwide Leader in Cybersecurity and Compliance


“UNITI Cyber is fantastic. They did my company's HIPAA compliance with all the necessary documentation for fraction of what it would cost me any other place. Highly recommend them!"

R.M. / Healthcare / CEO

“I am building an online jewelry boutique and UNITI has given me invaluable service to protect my fledgling company. Prompt courteous service and professionalism"

S.W. / Online Retailer / CEO

Phone Operator


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